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Superboy (Kon-El) [userpic]
Open thread [[open to all]]
by Superboy (Kon-El) (kid_of_steel)
at April 28th, 2006 (09:33 pm)

current location: In the wild blue yonder
current mood: energetic
current song: Fly like an Eagle

A blue and red form streaked through the clear, almost cloudless skies of Jump City. The wind whipped around him, tugging on his leather jacket, and blowing through his black, spikey hair.

"Wooohooo!" Kon-El alias Superboy whooped as he twirled, and somersaulted in the air. Heck, if he's going to have to be stayin' in Jump to play team-tag, they better get a feel for what he can do!

"Hmm..." He seemed to skid to a stop as he hovered over the bay. "Aaah, hot girls, this shouldn't be too bad." Superboy commented to himself as he hovered down, landing on the streets below.