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A business deal
by Ignition (ignitionforhire)
at April 29th, 2006 (12:47 am)

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The Shield and Sword was a bar and restaurant, though after 9pm, minors were strictly not allowed inside. Unless, of course, they had a reasonably good fake ID and were amongst the proprietor's regular cleintele. Such was the case with Ignition. The young girl had a fake ID identifying her as being 22 years old, and had established herself as a reputable courier - the fastest in small transport. She fit right in with the regulars at Max's bar - run by a gruff almost 60 year old ex-mercenary, its regular clientele had a rather high proportion of mercenaries amongst it.

The Shield and Sword was a place where one could come in and talk about work without getting into incriminating details, and yet, people would still understand roughly what you were talking about. It was also a place where the large tank of a barkeep would let his regulars conduct business meetings.

Ignition was sitting in a booth with a few of her friendly acquaintances when a man in a suit and sunglasses (despite the fact that it was indoors) came inside. "I'm looking for Ignition," he said to Max, seemingly unaware that she was sitting within earshot.


Posted by: Slade (wearerofthemask)
Posted at: April 29th, 2006 06:16 am (UTC)

Slade was sitting on the other end of the bar, dressed in something that resembled street clothes. He looked up when the man walked in, announcing quite loudly who he was looking for. An interesting way to go about things in a bar whose normal clientele were mercenary.

This would be interesting.

Posted by: Ignition (ignitionforhire)
Posted at: May 1st, 2006 04:42 am (UTC)

"Over there," instructed Max, pointing vaguely in the direction where Ignition sat with friends. As soon as he said that, Ignition slipped Ray, one of her acquaintances at the booth, a twenty dollar bill.

"I'm Ignition," announced Ray to the suit (who just *had* to be a government official or some sort of corporate errand monkey).

The well dressed man frowned. "No, you're not," he said immediately. "Ignition is small and female."

"Like me?" said Ignition from behind his back. To his credit, he didn't jump. He simply nodded. "Sorry about that. I like to know that the people looking for me aren't just going entirely based off of a name. What can I help you with?"

"My name is Agent --"

Ignition cut him off. "Nuh uh. No names. From here on in, you're Mr. 456. I do everything on a need to know basis."

"Okay, we want to hire you to retrieve something that was stolen. It's a --"

Again, he was cut off. "We'll get into specifics when we're somewhere more private." She approached Max, slipped him a fifty dollar bill, and returned with a set of two keys. They unlocked the back room, and one of the offices he kept in the back for private meetings.

Posted by: Slade (wearerofthemask)
Posted at: May 2nd, 2006 05:00 am (UTC)

((ooc: thanks to Lex for NPCin' Max. ^___^))

Slade watched them slip off, he was... curious. No, interested was the better word, in this one. Leaning over the bar and his drink he caught Max's attention, "What's the price for an invasion of privacy these days? Is it still seventy five?"

Max snorted. "Inflation, and the fact that you're a veteran in this line of work has raised my price. Two hundred."

Slade raised an eyebrow, "Two hundred is high, even for you. One fifty, for an 'old friend'. And I will keep my silence on your tendency to run into low hanging ledges."

"One seventy five and I won't make references to how far you'll go to get a Klondike bar," said Max.

Slade chuckled, "Very well then, but should that ever get out do keep in mind I know where to find you." He counted the cash, "One seventy five."

Max pocketed the cash discreetly. "Oh, of course. Now, you do realize that if the kiddo happens to realize she's being eavesdropped on, I had no idea you could possibly get past my security."

"Of course not, after all I had no idea you even had security. I was merely paying out of courtesy," Slade said simply standing up.

Max grinned. "Part of the increased fee is because the kiddo's a good customer. The other part was to see how much you really wanted to listen in. And I do have security. It's just not a widely advertised fact."

"Well then, a good thing I did pay," Slade said simply, "Do the floor boards back there still creak?"

"She's in room three, and they creak really loudly about six inches from the door."

"Then I'll be on my way," Slade said simply finishing his drink and leaving a tip on the bar. Without making a noise on the floor boards he made his way to listen in.

Posted by: Ignition (ignitionforhire)
Posted at: May 3rd, 2006 07:53 am (UTC)

"All right, Mr. 456, what can I help you with?" said Ignition, once she was certain they were alone.

"Like I said, I need you to retrieve a stolen item," said the agent.

"Weight and size dimensions?" Ignition asked, pulling out a pad of paper and a pen to jot down the information.

The agent, still wearing his sunglasses, paused to think for a moment. "Two pounds, and round. About the size of a tennis ball."

Ignition nodded, jotting down that information. "And the delivery address?"

"It's classified information, I'd rather you didn't write it down."

"And I'd rather you either picked a different location, or understood that I need to keep track of this information. Nobody is going to see this but me."

The agent took the pad of paper and wrote it down for her after thinking it over for a minute.

"Now, what kind of time limit are we talking about?" asked Ignition, moving on to her next question.

"As soon as possible, but it absolutely must be done in under forty eight hours. That's when we believe they'll make their move."

"They?" inquired Ignition. "I realize I asked you to not name names, but this is something I do need to know before agreeing to take on the job."

At that, the agent's posture turned a bit more defensive, and considerably more intimidating. "We're prepared to offer a very generous sum - ten thousand dollars, to take care of this problem."
Ignition raised an eyebrow at him, clearly not impressed. His mouth hardened into a frown. "And you would be doing a service for your government, Miss Kathryn Davis. Enough of a service that we might be willing to overlook your present occupation."

"Are you done flexing your muscles?" asked Ignition, her tone dry. "I couldn't care less if you overlooked my occuptation or not. It's not illegal to deliver things - at worst, I can be nailed for failing to ask what I'm actually delivering."

"We are offering a considerable sum," said the agent, a little less certain than he was a minute ago.

"Considerable sum, my ass," Ignition replied. "Even when I was a brand new rookie, I charged more than that for a less difficult task."

"So, you're unwilling to cooperate?" the agent asked, frowning deeply.

"I didn't say that. I just want to cut the crap, and get on to doing actual business. Let's start with you explaining the situation in full, and then I'll give you my price."

Posted by: Ignition (ignitionforhire)
Posted at: May 3rd, 2006 07:54 am (UTC)

The agent sighed. His superiors were not going to like the fact that they were going to be shelling out a lot more than expected, but at least it would mean not sacrificing agents. Presently, they didn't have any actual proof that this girl was a metahuman, but her delivery times and track record spoke well for her. If she could get in quickly and get out, all would be well.

"A small but dangerous metahuman group stole a weapon from us. They're called Ruthless Elite Metas, or R.E.M. for short. The weapon itself isn't lethal, but still very dangerous. When activated in an area with a fair amount of power sources available, it can cause mass paralysis. The greater the power it drains from, the more people can be affected."

"Let me guess," asked Ignition, whipping out a mini map. "They took it here, where there's both a hydroelectric plant and a nuclear power plant within fifty miles from each other."

"Yes. Murphy's Law, of course," said the agent. "And the weapon is capable of taking power from that distance, when there's that much available. That much power could easily knock out a quarter of the country, with this device, if not more."

"And all in one cute, compact package," remarked Ignition. "I'm guessing they also took the means of protecting against the paralysis."

The agent nodded. "It was designed to allow a small army to move in and have a sweeping victory over the enemy without killing. The group has members stationed in the highly populated areas they've predicted will be affected. We expect them to issue their demands within the next forty eight hours, which is why we need you to move quickly."

"I can do that," said Ignition. "What kind of conditions does this weapon need to be travelling in? Is it bad if the thing gets jostled? What happens if it is heated up? I need to know this kind of thing."

"It's a very resilient little weapon," answered the agent. "As long as it's not activated, being exposed to heat or being shaken won't be a problem."

"Well, I'll take the job, but I'm not doing it for less than a hundred grand," said Ignition. "My price is based off of risk factor and time sensitivity."

((OOC: O_o This wound up being LONG. Yay, dialogue posts.))

Posted by: Slade (wearerofthemask)
Posted at: May 4th, 2006 01:32 am (UTC)

Slade listened with a fair amount of amusement when the government official got the young woman's name wrong. Kathryn Davis, the agent had said, that wasn’t it, he knew. The young woman, Ignition's real name was Kelly Donovan.

He also knew a fair amount about this weapon, most likely more than the official that was telling her about the mission did. And he also knew a great deal about the group that was behind this theft. This could prove interesting indeed, and would be a good chance to observe this girl, who he had taken a fair amount of interest in. He was in need of a new apprentice after all.

Posted by: Ignition (ignitionforhire)
Posted at: May 4th, 2006 03:14 am (UTC)

Once the initial price was agreed upon, Ignition announced, "You should know, I ask for at least a twenty percent deposit."

The agent nodded. "I figured as much as soon as you refused to accept only ten thousand."

Then why jerk me around in the first place?! Ignition thought irritably, but kept her expression even.

"Glad we could come to an arrangement." Ignition wrote down an account number, and the bank it was registered with. "Put the deposit in there. I'll take a nap to rest up for the job and will check my balance when I wake up. As soon as the money's in, I'll leave."

With that, she got up to leave the room.

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